Sona Shield Ready To Protect You

Sona Shield is here to support you in this COVID-19 and will be with you after that too. So whether you are in hospital administration or healthcare professional contact us.

Sona Shield has been in business for a long time, and have been facilitating healthcare professional, medical staff, and respondents. Considering the pandemic is getting severe and the issue of supplies getting worst, we had a press release on PR News Wire on 28th May that you can check here.

The reason you should buy from us are:

We Have Authentic Products

As you know the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict scrutiny for every product in the USA, so having something approved is a lengthy task. Sona Shield has FDA approved medical supplies and personal protection equipment. It means that we have the quality of products that are reliable and up to the standards.

We Have A Vast Range

Considering the shortage of protection gears; we have a bulk amount of masks, surgical gowns, protective suits, and other PPE. You name it and we have it on our website. If you are a healthcare professional or in hospital administration we understand your problems and can help you. Our range of ventilators and medical devices are available for you.

Quality Products

Our products have a quality that is not compromised at any level. Whether it is something as small as touch-screen of a ventilator or the quality of the KN95 mask imported from China; we make sure that you get the best quality product.

Discount on Bulk

As we sell bulk products in bulk, keeping our profit margins low, so you get prices that are competitive to the market. We try to shrink our profit margins, as this pandemic has taken the best from us. So here is your opportunity to buy products short in market at a pocket-friendly price

Delivery Globally

We can deliver globally with the taxes and shipment added to our prices. So if you live in a place that is short of supplies, being our global customer you can contact us. As the shipment charges and taxes are fixed so we cannot offer a discount on that. But our prices are guaranteed low in comparison to the quality offering.

We Are Here

You can contact us at any moment on our website by clicking on the message bubble at the right or you can contact us at (480)6807060. Our email address is If you live near Scottsdale AZ, we are at the same place, although due to the physical distancing factor it is not recommended to meet us face to face.

You can send us your queries by our Contact us page.