SonaShield was launched to help resolve the serious shortage of critical medical supplies needed to protect the public from COVID-19 and health care workers and practitioners on the front line treating patients.   

After learning that many government agencies and hospitals world wide could not expeditiously get the FDA-approved supplies they needed including N95 masks and ventilators and that various state agencies and hospitals were bidding against one another for such supplies, SonaShield took action.   

Hearing about doctors and nurses on the front lines using garbage bags for protection because they could not get the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) or hearing about hospitals receiving equipment that is not FDA-approved and certified  is simply unacceptable.  

Many people could not get the proper PPE they need. SonaShield realized it could help solve this problem by streamlining the entire process so that everyone, including individuals, hospitals, organizations, and government agencies could expeditiously obtain the critical supplies they need by simply placing their order on SonaShield’s website without having to bid against one another, and without having to worry that the supplies were not FDA-approved and did not meet the highest quality standards.   Moreover, SonaShield has quick expedited turnaround delivery for the PPE that is needed at competitive prices. In fact, with Sona Shield's low price guarantee, Sona Shield will match or beat any competitor's prices excluding shipping and taxes. Sona Shield ships worldwide.

SonaShield is able to meet the personal protection equipment (PPE) needs of hospitals, government agencies, and the public because SonaShield only works directly with FDA-approved and certified manufacturers and therefore can quickly meet and fulfill demand medical supply and PPE needs in any quantities.   SonaShield has developed a highly efficient and supply chain to get PPE into the hands of those who need them as fast as possible.  

SonaShield’s mission is to quickly be able to supply the highest quality life-saving PPE and medical equipment needed throughout the world and to protect all who need protection from life-threatening infection and disease.  

SonaShield believes that every health care worker should be focused on treating patients and not having to worry about becoming one.  

In times of uncertainty, one thing is certain, SonaShield is ready and prepared to protect.