UV Sterilizing Box

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This type Disinfection Box has a small shape but very practical. It can be placed anywhere with only a small place, bathroom or kitchen room. When it meet standby time, also you can keep important issues in it as an insurance Box. But most important thing, we need its function to keep our family good health.

  • 99.99% Disinfection. With Ultraviolet 12 light on both side, the Ultraviolet ray fill all the BOX room for 360° sterilization to kill germs and bacteria.
  • Nonradioactive. Qualified modulator tube is used to avoid the damage to the human skin, Safety and reliable.
  • WIFI-Control: The inner connecting device sync with your phone, you can control the Disinfection Box "WHEN AND LASTING TIME"
  • Chargeable: with inner battery, keep it in BAG when you are on travel, or on the road.
What is more: it also equip with aromatherapy function, if you have no time for clean small part, just put it in, it show us clean and healthful room, all kinds of germs are existing in the air. Even though we cannot kill them all, but we can keep a safer house atmosphere for our children and our family.
Packaging Dimensions

1.5*1.31*0.095 cm


0.39 KG

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