CANON Vantage Centurion

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With industry highest gradient performance at 3T MRI, Vantage Centurian will inspire your research to new frontiers. Unique gradient and cooling technology delivers high anatomical detail and quantifiable imaging, and intelligent applications remove noise while increasing SNR and accelerate scan speeds. Combined with an open sequence development environment and Canon Medical’s collaborative support network of clinical and scientific support, Vantage Centurian is the MRI system that brings research to the real world.

Industry leading high gradient performance

With high gradient technology delivering industry-leading peak gradient amplitude specifications of 100 mT/m at 200 T/m/s and the ability to simultaneously reach maximum gradient strength and slew rate, Vantage Centurian provides the highest whole-body MRI performance potential in the research market. Diffusion-weighted imaging in particular benefits from the high gradient specification of 100 mT/m, delivering anatomical detail enabling researchers to more accurately characterize morphologic and functional tissue integrity at the early stages of disease. Furthermore, quantifiable image performance is achieved while maintaining high gradient strength through a new direct cooling technology that stabilizes temperature performance by significantly reducing the heat and eddy currents generated.

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