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Our OASIS 1.2T Open MRI scanner defines what true patient-centric design really is about: comfort. Its unique open gantry creates a spacious feeling, with an unobstructed view and access from all sides; while soothing ambient lighting and silent scanning help your patient relax even more. In fact, with OASIS you’ll be scanning patients with specialised needs in no time.

  • Open gantry designed for claustrophobic, bariatric, geriatric and paediatric patients or interventional scans.
  • Extra-wide patient table handles up to 300kg, with in-gantry left & right movement and multiple coil connectors.
  • QuickScan accelerates exam process for anxious or motion-prone patients.
  • Efficient workflow enables greater productivity - from patient registration to positioning, scanning and post-processing.
  • Advanced magnet technologies and imaging features deliver outstanding image quality.

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