Welch Allyn Green Series Exam Light IV

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Welch Allyn is among the first Medical Equipment Manufacturers to join the EPA's Energy Star Compliance Partnership, releasing its new Green Series Medical Exam Lights. 

Perfect for the OB/GYN office or for specialties that require very focused light in specific areas, the GS Exam Light IV provides you with 3X the typical light output and features a highly flexible light pipe that is twice as long as conventional pipes. And with a compact, unobtrusive head, it ensures pinpoint accuracy and provides true tissue color rendition during an exam.

Features and Benefits
  • 5,500° K provides true tissue color rendition
  • Light Intensity at typical working distance is 20,000 lux
  • Highly flexible pipe for easy maneuverability, helping to improve patient exams
  • Among the first medical exam lights to feature LED technology, the GS series provides a lower cost of ownership due to the elimination of bulb replacement and overall lower energy consumption.
  • Touchless auto on/off control which reduces the risk of infections due to cross-contamination and simplifies cleaning.
  • LED life of 50,000 hours to maximize investment
  • Working distance: 16"
  • Spot size at working distance: 4" to 10"
  • Optional mobile stand available
Warranty Information
  • 5-Year Warranty

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