GE Corometrics 174 Fetal Monitor

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The GE Corometrics 174 Fetal Monitor, a part of the Corometrics 170 Series, is a cost-effective unit designed for basic fetal monitoring during the antepartum period, as well as labor and delivery for both singleton and twin pregnancies. The 174 is highly portable and easy to use, with a clear LCD display screen for quick analysis of fetal heart rate.

The 174 model provides dual heart rate monitoring using FECG/ultrasound or dual ultrasound. and external uterine activity. The monitor also has external uterine activity monitoring using a toco transducer, or internal monitoring using an IUPC.

Customizable heart rate alarm ranges and transducer placement aids help clinicians navigate each unique delivery, and is available with fetal movement detection as an additional option.


  • Monitors external uterine activity via TOCO
  • Internal uterine activity measurement via IUPC
  • Customizable fetal heart rate alarms
  • Dual heart rate monitoring
  • Highly portable unit at just 8 pounds
  • Dual ultrasound for twin pregnancies
  • Watertight, lightweight TOCO and ultrasound transducer
  • 9-Crystal ultrasound for reliable monitoring
  • Independent volume controls help transducer placement
  • Heartbeat coincidence, fetal heart rate offset
  • Optional: Fetal movement detection

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