Acuity 10x12 Wireless DR X-Ray Panel

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Complete wireless x-ray panel compatible with traditional cassette holders

The Acuity 10x12 Wireless DR X-Ray Panel is a cost-effective solution to upgrading any traditional x-ray imaging suite. The slim panel design fits easily into any cassette holder, and provides superior image quality with low noise TFT and optimized Csl thickness.

For more information on the Acuity 10x12 Wireless DR X-Ray Panel available through Avante Health Solutions, contact an Avante representative today.

The Acuity 10x12 Wireless DR X-Ray Panel works seamlessly with AccuVue X-Ray Acquisition Software, also available from Avante Health Solutions.


  • Wireless, cassette-sized x-ray detector panel.
  • Easily transforms conventional x-ray rooms into a modern digital radiology suite.
  • Panel fits easily into traditional cassette holders, integrating with almost any existing equipment.
  • Lightweight panel weigh only 4.1 pounds.
  • Can improve productivity by giving clinicians up to three times the patient throughput as traditional systems.
  • Designed for multi-purpose clinical applications.
  • Rapid image acquisition allows clinicians to review HD processed images in as little as 6 seconds.
  • Mechanically optimized and engineered with metal unibody structure.
  • LED display indicates battery level.
  • Wireless interface with wifi sharing interface available.
  • Long battery performance rated up to 630 images per charge.
  • Includes 3-year hardware warranty.
  • Comes standard with slim dual battery charger that allows batteries to be simultaneously charging.

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