Avante Envoy Plus Central Monitoring System

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Increased efficiency, better quality

The Avante Envoy Plus brings you a comprehensive central monitoring solution for all Avante bedside monitors. It offers seamless remote monitoring management from transportation, hospitalization, intensive care to anesthesia care and beyond, bringing easy access to health care providers with well-organized monitoring technology

The Avante Envoy Plus Central Monitoring System is available through Avante Medical Surgical. Contact your Avante representative today for more information.


  • Up to 240 hours of trend data and storage review
  • 12-lead ECG display
  • 12 hour short trend data
  • Printing report
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 64 patients
  • Storage of patient’s history data
  • Transfer waveforms, alarms, parameters, etc
  • Waveform storage and review: Up to 240 hours of waveform data per monitor/device; default 96 hours
  • NIBP measurement storage and review: Stores up to 720 NIBP measurements per monitor
  • 12-lead analysis results: Stores up to 720 12-lead analysis results per monitor
  • C.O. measurements: Stores up to 720 C.O measurements per monitor
  • Quick TEMP measurements: Stores up to 720 Quick TEMP measurements per monitor
  • PAWP measurements: Stores up to 720 PAWP measurements per monitor
  • Alarm events: 720 parameter alarm events per monitor/device
  • Alarm types: Physiological alarm; technical alarm
  • Alarm mode: Three levels of audio and visual alarms

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