ProSpray Surface Disinfectant Wipes

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Certol ProSpray Surface Disinfectant Wipes

Certol ProSpray Wipes are a disinfectant/cleaner in pre-saturated towelettes. ProSpray Wipes have the same reliable dual synthetic phenolic formula as the liquid ProSpray. ProSpray Wipes have broad spectrum intermediate level activity against TB, HIV meet CDC guidelines for disinfection in healthcare settings. Non-alcohol actives and water-based formula means wipes stay moist longer. ProSpray Wipes are non-staining and non-bleaching, safe for repeated use on vinyls, plastics and more.

  • Alcohol-free, ammonium-free and bleach-free actives are best choice for plastics, vinyls and metals
  • User-Friendly Water Based Formula: Hard on Germs, Not on Hands or Equipment
  • ProSpray Wipes are so safe they are EPA approved for use without gloves (in absence of biohazards)
  • Light lemon scent and deodorizer are more pleasant for healthcare workers and patients
  • Ideal for exam tables, stretchers, IV poles, bed rails, wheelchairs, telephones and many more!
  • ProSpray Wipes are perfect for high touch surfaces in public areas implicated in transmission of the flu: locker rooms, door knobs, faucets, phones, and TV remotes
  • Clean non-submersible power equipment prior to sterilization
  • Manufacturer: Certol
  • ProSpray Wipes Available Sizes and Quantities:
    • 6" x 6.75", 240 per canister, 12 per case
    • 8.5” x 12”, 135 per canister, 12 per case
    • 9" x 10" (Soft Pack), 72 per pack, 12 per case


  • Active Agents: 0.647% o-phenylphenol 0.070% o-benzyl-p-chlorophenol
  • EPA Reg. #: 46851-12
  • DIN #: 02419904
  • Solution Color: Natural color
  • Odor: Lemon scent
  • Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture

ProSpray Wipes Come in Three Packaging Options

  • Original low-profile soft pack with large 9” x 10” wipe size; stores easily inside drawers.
  • Economy canister offers 33 - 50% more wipes than major competitive brands.
  • Tall high-capacity canister holds 135 extra-large 8-1/2” x 12” wipes. More than DOUBLE the competition.

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