Schuco Portable Aspirator with Metal Base S130A

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Schuco Portable Aspirator with Metal Base S130A

  • Reliable favorite
  • Heavy metal base
  • Wire basket accommodates a variety of canisters
  • High vacuum range for various suction needs - up to 560 mm Hg (22" Hg)
  • Vibration-free gauge for easy reading and vacuum control
  • Durable metal canister brackets accommodate a variety of collection containers
  • Flow range higher than ever - over 40 lpm
  • Collection canisters with improved scratch and flake resistance
  • Every unit equipped with a hospital-grade plug
  • UL approved; meets IEC 60601-1
  • 2 year warranty provides tangible proof of Allied/Schuco quality and durability
  • Includes: 800 cc disposable canister, 1 tubing with filter, and heavy metal base
  • Manufacturer: Allied Healthcare Products
  • Manufacturer's Product ID: S130A


  • Vacuum Range: Up to 560 mm Hg (22" Hg)
  • Flow Rate: Greater than 40 Ipm at regulator inlet
  • Sound Level: Less than 58 dBA
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F-104°F (O°C-40°C)
  • UL Approval: UL approved; meets IEC 60601-1
  • Warranty: 2 year limited warranty
  • Voltage: 115/60
  • Dimensions: 14"L x 7"W x 10"H (356 mm x 178 mm x 254 mm)
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs. (4.76 kg)

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