Mortara Surveyor S19 Patient Monitor-Touchscreen Color Display

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Mortara Surveyor S19 Patient Monitor with Touchscreen Color Display

The Mortara Surveyor S19, with a high-resolution 18.5" touchscreen display, provides for easy management of up to 8 waveforms and associated numeric data. Standard features include 3 and 5-Lead ECG with interpretation and ST segment analysis, SpO2, NIBP, Dual temps, hemodynamic calculations, Respiration and Heart Rate; Optional features include 2 or 4 Invasive Pressure Channels, Cardiac Output, CO2 and an externally mounted thermal recorder for added flexibility. The modular AM12 patient cable (sold separately) automatically turns any Surveyor Monitor into a 12 lead ECG system. The S19 is slender and streamlined, light weight with backup battery. Its 18.5" horizontal display and 3.8" depth is designed to specifically facilitate wall mounted operation. Allows for easy integration to an existing infrastructure using HL7.

  • Modern and Flexible Patient Monitoring System-Innovative patient monitoring platform offering a simple and intuitive touchscreen user interface, plus exceptional visibility.
  • High Acuity Solution-Surveyor S19, with high-resolution 19" touchscreen display, offers a comprehensive solution for advanced monitoring needs.
  • Reliable Capnography Monitoring by Covidien-CO2 monitoring with Covidien's unique Microstream® technology provides reliable waveform and numeric daa through minimal patient sampling and efficient moisture filtering.
  • Convenient ECG Options-Use conventional patient cables for 3 and 5-lead ECGs, or pair a Surveyor monitor with our AM12™ acquisition module to add 12-lead diagnostic-quality interpretive ECG readings.
  • Surveyor S19 offers an external, thermal printing solution for added flexibility.
  • Streamlined Connectivity-Surveyor patient monitors have the capability of interfacing directly with EHR systems to annotate real-time vital signs and waveforms in patient records.
  • A History of Innovation-The S12 and S19 Surveyor patient monitors are borne of a 30-year cardiology heritage, designed to provide efficient workflow in the office setting, as well as offer comprehensive monitoring options for surgery centers.
  • Manufacturer: Mortara Instrument
  • Available Configurations:
    • Surveyor Pulse Oximetry (SpO2), Covidien Capnography (CO2), External Thermal Recorder
    • Nellcor Pulse Oximetry (SpO2), Covidien Capnography (CO2), External Thermal Recorder

Important note: the manufacturer only provides a standard image for this product group. The exact product appearance may be different.

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