Caregiver Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact

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Thermomedics Caregiver Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact

The Caregiver thermometer by Thermomedics Inc. is the world’s first non-contact device with TouchFree technology developed by the team that invented tympanic thermometry! THE CAREGIVER PROFESSIONAL is a clinical-grade infrared thermometer for measurement of forehead temperature in adults, children, and infants without contact. It is designed for use in a wide variation of medical settings and can also deliver ambient/skin surface temperatures with the flick of a switch.

This exciting new thermometer is rugged enough for routine office/clinic handling and still delivers professional precision you can depend upon.

The CAREGIVER thermometer offers instant, accurate temperatures and easy-to-use features that professionals have asked for:

  • PROVEN ACCURACY: documented clinical precision in a wide range of medical settings.
  • INCREASED EFFICIENCY: eliminates probe-cover costs and storage/transport logistics, reduces time for vital-signs, available without cart/trolley; no charger-base required, up to 15,000 temps from one set of AA batteries.
  • EASE OF USE: simple positioning, one-button operation, improved patient cooperation, bright backlit display and 30-temperature memory recall.
  • NON-CONTACT: delivers improved hygiene with reduced risk of cross-contamination and no probe-covers required, minimizes risk of operator error, provides immediate access to measurement site, no patient disturbance.
  • INSTANT RESULTS: measurement in 1-2 seconds, reliable and repeatable.
  • MULTI-TASK CAPABILITY: also measures room temp, skin/surface temp with the flick of a switch; Celsius/Fahrenheit switchable with a touch.

Product Information

  • Durable infrared non-contact thermometer
  • Infrared thermometer designed for a wide range of uses
  • Sold individually
  • Manufacturer: Thermomedics
  • Manufacturer's Product ID: PRO-TF300-CS

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