Surgical Goggles Box

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100000 Box Available
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This Medical goggles with anti-fog lens, the lens adopts anti-fog design, the temperature difference does not change, and the line of sight is clear. 
Adjustable elastic band, suitable for most face designs, can be worn by adults and children.

Can wear myopic glasses, multiple protection, giving eyes a safe and comfortable environment
Provides 99% protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.
Meets EN166 and High Impact Requirements.

1.Function: anti-wind sand, anti-spitting splash, anti-fog, anti-infection.
2.Completely transparent design. High durability to protect eyes during work. With wind and dust protection. Can be used to prevent wind, dust and debris.
3.It can prevent impact, splash, 99% UV, and protect eyes from flying objects.
4.Anti-fog coating to prevent lens fogging.
5.It has high toughness and can withstand pressure and fall.


Packaging Dimensions

30*71.5*55 cm


23.60 KG

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