FourPress Compression Bandage System

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FourPress Compression Bandage System

The Hartmann FourPress® is a multi-layer bandaging system for optimum compression and absorbency in managing venous leg ulcers. These four bandages work together to provide effective, sustained compression for up to seven days when applied as directed. FourPress® is easy to apply, secures without tape and produces sub-bandage pressure at the ankle in the 30-40 mmHg range when the system is wrapped as indicated.

  • Each kit contains 4 bandages and 3 tape strips
  • First layer is a padding bandage (4" x 3.8 yds., unstretched) made of a blend of synthetic materials that absorbs wound exudate. Comfortable, nonwoven layer primarily provides protection to bony prominences
  • Second layer is a crepe bandage (4" x 4.9 yds., stretched) that anchors and smoothes padding layer while absorbing exudate
  • Third layer is a compression bandage (4" x 9.5 yds., stretched) that conforms to any contour while providing about one-half of compression
  • Fourth layer is a cohesive bandage (4" x 6.5 yds., stretched) that adheres to itself and secures system without tape
  • Latex free
  • Sold by the kit and by the case
  • 8 Systems per case
  • Manufacturer: Hartmann
  • Manufacturer's Product ID: 43400000

Each Kit contains:

  • (1) Padding Bandage (4" x 3.8 yds., Unstretched)
  • (1) Crepe Bandage (4" x 4.9 yds., Stretched)
  • (1) Compression Bandage (4" x 9.5 yds., Stretched)
  • (1) Cohesive Bandage (4" x 6.5 yds., Stretched)
  • (3) Tape strips

Precaution: If the ankle circumference is less than 18cm (7 1/8") before applying FourPress®, pad the ankle and Achilles tendon prior to application of the compression layers

Contraindications: Do not use the FourPress® Bandaging System if the patient's Ankle Brachial Pressure (ABPI) is less than 0.8, or if arterial disease is suspected


  • For use in effectively managing venous leg ulcers and related conditions
  • An appropriate primary dressing should be applied before using the bandaging system with open wounds
  • Apply as directed in the product insert

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