Portable Ventilator-EPV100

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Portable Mechanical Ventilator-EPV100

The EPV100 Portable Ventilator is a simple, lightweight, robust and affordable portable mechanical ventilator designed to provide critical ventilation support during the initial stages of a mass casualty event. This gas powered, electronically controlled vent is extremely easy to use, and is equipped with independent inspiratory time, tidal volume, and BPM controls. It also features a built in digital manometer and a full array of visual and audible safety alarms. The weather resistant EPV100 Portable Ventilator will run for up to 48 hours on 2 D cell batteries, making it ideal for stockpiling or everyday use.

The EPV100 Portable Ventilator is an internal battery powered, electronically controlled, portable ventilator that requires a 50-psi oxygen source. The EPV100 has selectable Tidal Volume, BPM and Inspiratory Times, based on the intended Patients’ respiratory requirements.

The EPV100 Portable Ventilator is intended to be used as an electronically controlled gas-powered emergency ventilator, which is designed to provide emergency respiratory support by means of a face mask or tube inserted into the patient’s airway. This portable ventilator is intended to be used in the environments associated with emergency medical services (EMS), inter-hospital transport, and hospital facility usage. The ventilator is intended to be used in temperatures of -9 to 50°C (15 to 122°F) and 5% - 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.

CAUTION: The EPV100 Portable Ventilator should not be used on children with a weight of 20 kg (44 lbs.) or less.

  • Electronically-controlled pneumatic ventilator, powered by compressed gas: hospital, oxygen cylinders, or mobile compressor
  • The EPV100 Portable Ventilator is a gas-powered electronically-controlled mechanical ventilator, designed to provide emergency respiratory support by means of a face mask or an endotracheal tube inserted into a patient’s airway
  • The EPV100 Portable Ventilator is a volume-controlled ventilator that delivers timed-cycled constant flow breaths
  • The EPV100 Portable Ventilator is an all-weather ventilator suitable for use at the scene of a medical incident, as well as in pre-hospital, intra-hospital, and inter-hospital transport
  • The EPV100 Portable Ventilator has been designed to withstand direct exposure to rain, up to 100G shock and vibration, and drops of less than 4 feet
  • The EPV100 Portable Ventilator is powered by compressed gas but requires 2D cell batteries to power the controls and settings. Therefore it must have both batteries as well as a compressed oxygen source to run.
  • Electronic power management alarms to provide advance notice of low gas and low battery status
  • Independent control of Tidal Volume, Inspiratory Time, and Breaths Per Minute
  • Features electronic ventilation alarms to provide notice of dangerous or ineffective ventilation
  • The EPV100 Portable Ventilator features a digital manometer to monitor the peak airway pressure during each breath
  • The EPV100 Portable Ventilator does not have an Assist Control function, but will allow the patient to take spontaneous breaths while connected to the patient circuit
  • Biocompatibility testing has proven this unit safe for periods up to 14 days of continuous use. Results beyond this length of time are not known.
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Manufacturer: Allied Healthcare Products
  • Manufacturer's Product ID: EPV100

Safety Features

  • High Airway Pressure Alarm
  • Low Airway Pressure/Patient Disconnect Alarm
  • Low Source Gas Alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Airway Pressure Relief

EPV100 Portable Ventilator-Product Information

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