Schiller CARDIOVIT CS-200 Stress ECG Machine with Treadmill

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Schiller CARDIOVIT CS-200 Stress ECG Machine with Medical Treadmill (optional)

From high-throughput stress labs to small practices, the CS-200 is a multitasking system delivering highly scaleable solutions to meet your unique performance and productivity requirements. Advanced features such as powerful analysis and diagnostic tools and sophisticated networking help enhancing your clinical decisionmaking. The open system architecture allows the implementation of new programs and future system expansion.

  • Direct function keys allowing immediate emergency ECGs without starting Windows
  • Interfaces for control of digital ergometers/treadmills
  • On-board data management
  • CS-200 networking allows you to review, edit, print and export stored final reports, keeping your exercise system available for testing

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SPF SCHILLER Powerline Frequency Filter:
distortion-free suppression of superimposed 50 or 60 Hz sinusoidal interferences by adaptive digital filtering.

SSF SCHILLER Smoothing Filter, SMF SCHILLER Myogram Filter (muscle tremor filter):
adaptive low pass smoothing filter to suppress muscle tremor and high-frequency noise: without affecting the QRS complex or the ST-T segment.

SBS SCHILLER Baseline Stabilizer:
filter to suppress or greatly reduce base line fluctuations without distorting the low frequency content of the ST-T segment (for resting and exercise ECGs). When used in combination, these filters provide the physician with excellent ECG quality. They neither distort the computerized ECG interpretation nor the computerized ECG measurement values or the original ECG complexes. They greatly help the user to obtain a usable ECG at the first attempt. Unlike traditional filtering systems, these filters do not influence the important diagnostic features of the ECG. Excellent signal processing (noise reduction) is decisive to produce a high-quality output that can be further evaluated and interpreted by the physician.

  • 12-channel Resting ECG
  • Automatic ECG measurements and interpretation (adult and pediatric)
  • Vector Cardiography
  • Pacemaker measurement
  • QT Dispersion
  • 12-channel fulldisclosure Exercise ECG, with ST monitoring and rhythm monitoring
  • 24 Hour ECG Holter
  • Fully integrated data management system
  • Connection to network systems
  • Resting rhythm recording
  • Analysis of Ventricular Late Potentials
  • Spirometry
  • Ergospirometry
  • Manufacturer: Schiller
  • Available Models:
    • 9.030000-NTM: CS-200 Stress System w/Interp, EXEC software, Data Management and Network ready (without treadmill or ergometer)
    • 9.030000E-110V: CS-200 Stress System w/Interp, EXEC software, Data Management, Network ready, includes TMX 428-110V Treadmill, Cart & Monitor
    • 9.030000E-110V: CS-200 Stress System w/Interp, EXEC software, Data Management, Network ready, includes TMX 428-220V Treadmill, Cart & Monitor

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