ADC Diagnostix 5510 3.5v Diagnostic Desk Set

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ADC Diagnostix 5510 3.5v Diagnostic Desk Set in Multiple Configurations

3.5v Diagnostic EENT instruments are among the most critical toolsets in a clinician's repertoire to perform a comprehensive physical exam. ADC Diagnostix brand EENT instrument sets help the practitioner perform fast exams and accurately diagnose a range of patient conditions thanks to innovative optical and lighting technologies. With continued advances in instrument technology, long-lasting power sources, and new advances in lighting technology that feature LED options, your EENT instruments can not only help you perform a thorough and comprehensive exam, but also can help you operate quickly and efficiently.

  • Choose from 3.5v Diagnostix Coax or Coax Plus Ophthalmoscope
  • 3.5v Diagnostix Otoscope
  • Two Li-ion Adtronic rechargeable battery handles for improved performance. 50 hours continuous use between charges. 1200 cycle life
  • 3.5v Throat Illumination head available
  • 3.5v Dermascope head available
  • Choose from Halogen/Xenon or AdLED LED lighting technology
  • 2 year warranty on desk charger, instrument heads and handles; lifetime on AdLED lamp
  • Manufacturer: American Diagnostic Corporation
  • Available Configurations:
    • 5510A: LED Otoscope, Halogen/Xenon Ophthalmoscope
    • 5510B: Halogen Otoscope, LED Ophthalmoscope
    • 5510L: LED Otoscope, LED Ophthalmoscope
    • 5510X: Halogen/Xenon Otoscope, Halogen/Xenon Ophthalmoscope
    • 55102A: LED Otoscope, Halogen/Xenon Coax Plus Ophthalmoscope
    • 55102B: Halogen/Xenon Otoscope, LED Coax Plus Ophthalmoscope
    • 55102L: LED Otoscope, LED Coax Plus Ophthalmoscope
    • 55102X: Halogen/Xenon Otoscope, Halogen/Xenon Coax Plus Ophthalmoscope

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