Covidien BioBloc Spill Kit for Blood and Body Fluids BB6016K

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Covidien BioBloc Spill Kit for Blood and Body Fluids BB6016K Per Kit and Case

The Covidien/Kendall spill kit for blood and body fluids is designed to facilitate fast and safe clean-up of blood and body fluid spills. It complies with OSHA's rule for occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens and can be used in numerous occupations.

Spill Kit Components:

  • (1) Gown: maximum protection poly-coated- XL, blue
  • (1) Sanizide plus packet
  • (2 pairs) Latex-free gloves: 1 pair of 8 mil, medium gloves, and 1 pair of 8 mil, large gloves
  • (1) Fluid control packets
  • (1) Mask: with eye shield and ear loops
  • (1) Scoop and scraper
  • (2) Bio-hazard waste bags: (1) 10 gallon bag and (1) 33 gallon bag
  • (2) Labels: "BioHazard: Handle With Caution"
  • (2) Antimicrobial Wipes
  • (1) Forms: incident report
  • (2) Disposable, germicidal cloths

Additional Details:

  • The spill kits are latex-free
  • 6 Spill Kits per case
  • Sold by the kit and by the case
  • Manufacturer: Covidien
  • Manufacturer's Product ID: BB6016K

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