Curity Woven Gauze Sponges Sterile 10s Type VII Soft Pouch

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Covidien Curity USP Type VII Woven Gauze Sponges Sterile 10's in Soft Pouch

Covidien Curity Gauze Sponges Sterile exceeds USP Type VII gauze requirements. They are well suited for a variety of applications. Available in a broad range of sizes.

  • Meets or exceeds USP Type VII gauze requirements to ensure the highest quality in bleaching control
  • Made from high-grade 100% ring spun cotton that maximizes absorbency and vertical wicking capability
  • Well suited for variety of applications; wound dressing, general cleaning, minor prepping, wound packing and debriding
  • Economical dressing in broad range of sizes and plys
  • Available in the broadest range on the market for added flexibility and choice for a variety of needs
  • Woven gauze dressing
  • Sterile 10's in a soft pouch
  • Gauze sponges per bag: 100 / Gauze sponges per case: 1,600
  • Sold by the case
  • Manufacturer: Covidien
  • Please note the image is a stock photo for the product group. The actual product appearance may be different.
  • Available Sizes and Quantities:
    • 4" x 4", 8-Ply / 100 per bag / 16 bags per case
    • 4" x 4", 12-Ply / 100 per bag / 16 bags per case
    • 4" x 4", 16-Ply / 100 per bag / 16 bags per case

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