ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-450CL Stress Testing

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Newman ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-450CL Stress Testing

The Newman Medical ABI-450CL is an automated system that performs basic ABI and TBI studies and ABI Stress Testing.

simpleABI Systems from Newman Medical make vascular testing simple and accurate. The familiar interface of a PC coupled with the automation of the simpleABI with Cuff-link make accurate testing fast and easy - even for those with little or no experience. Dual ankle pressures are taken with a sensitive Doppler – the required "gold standard" for vascular diagnosis.

Newman Medical simpleABI systems lead you through the exam by observing the report coming together on the screen – no memorization of complex menus or protocols. The Cuff-Link automates the selection of the cuffs to reduce errors and time - no moving tubes between cuffs during the exam. Simple push button remote captures pressures and waveforms to accurately diagnose Peripheral Arterial Disease according to CMS requirements.

  • The ABI-450CL provides automated basic ABI, TBI, and Stress Testing
  • PC-based ABI system: Easy staff training - simple to learn and use (the computer is not included)
  • Point and Click reporting right on the computer
  • 8.5" x 11" Standard Reports: no taping or pasting waveform strips
  • Data files easily attached to EMR records
  • Uses "Gold Standard" 8MHz Doppler
  • Easy "Click & Capture" PVR waveforms
  • Customizable reports with practice information and logo
  • Print to any standard office printer
  • ABI-450CL features Cuff-Link Automation
    • Automatic inflation/deflation
    • Automatic cuff selection
    • Automatic Calculation
  • Simple Push Button Remote
  • 2-year warranty on parts & labor
  • Manufacturer: Newman Medical
  • Manufacturer's Product ID: ABI-450CL

Tests Performed

  • Bi-lateral ABI Test: Gold standard test for PAD
  • TBI: Toe pressures when large arteries are incompressible
  • Quick PVR: 1-2 minute test for PAD; wrap a cuff, push a button, read the results, no need to remove shoes or socks
  • ABI Stress: One page ABI Stress report with time graph, time to onset, maximum walking time, time to recovery

The ABI-450CL Ultrasound System Contains:

  • simpleABI 450CL Reporting Software
  • Sensitive Doppler with 8MHz probe
  • Cuff-Link: 4 port cuff selector
  • Cuff-Link Remote
  • PPG Probe
  • 5 cuffs (2x10cm, 2x12cm, 1x1.9cm)
  • Single level ABI and TBI Testing
  • ABI Stress Testing

Important Note: Newman Medical only provides a standard image for this product. The image includes optional items such as the computer and rolling stand. These items are not included in this package. Please review the exact list of items in the system package before ordering. Contact us if you have any questions.

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