3M Tegaderm IV Transparent Film Dressing Original Frame Style

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3M Tegaderm IV Transparent Film Dressing Original Frame Style

Transparent film dressings designed to secure the catheter in challenging I.V. applications. Many with notches and borders reinforced with a soft cloth fabric, designed to reduce edge lift and to seal around the insertion site.

  • 3M Tegaderm IV Transparent Film Dressing in the Original Frame Style
  • Notched designs provide a better seal around the catheter
  • Includes 2 Secural strips and label
  • Breathable film allows moisture vapor and oxygen exchange
  • Transparency allows monitoring of I.V. sites without the need to remove the dressing
  • Waterproof dressing provides a breathable bacterial and viral barrier* (contact manufacturer for details) to outside contaminants and allows the patient to shower
  • The CDC/HICPAC Guidelines for the Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-Related Infections base dressing change recommendations on studies with Tegaderm™ Film
  • In vitro testing has proven Tegaderm™ and Tegaderm™ HP dressings provide a viral barrier from viruses 27 nm in diameter, (e.g. HCV) or larger (e.g. HBV and HIV) while the dressing remains intact without leakage* (contact manufacturer for details)
  • Manufacturer: 3M Health Care
  • Available Sizes and Quantities:
    • 2-3/4" x 3-1/4" (#1633): 100 per box, 4 boxes per case
    • 3-1/2" x 4-1/4" (#1635): 50 per box, 4 boxes per case

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