BD E-Z Scrub Impregnated Preoperative Scrub Brush 1% Povidone Iodine

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BD E-Z Scrub Impregnated Preoperative Scrub Brush 1% Povidone Iodine

For over three decades, the BD E-Z Scrub brand has been considered the "gold standard" in single-use disposable scrubs. BD E-Z Scrub products offer a wide range of efficacious antimicrobial formulations specifically designed to enhance performance while reducing irritation to the skin.

  • The BD E-Z Scrub Preoperative Surgical Scrub Brushes includes popular and efficacious antimicrobial formulations, including CHG, PCMX, and Povidone Iodine
  • Proprietary polyethylene soft bristles enhance mechanical action while reducing skin irritation
  • Soft sponge provides gentle cleaning on irritated areas or when firm mechanical action is not required
  • Ergonomic brush design allows greater user comfort and effectiveness, ultimately improving compliance
  • Impregnated with 1% Povidone Iodine
  • Color coded brown
  • 30 Per Shelf Pack / 10 Shelf Packs Per Case
  • Manufacturer: BD
  • Manufacturer’s Product ID: 372053
  • Please note the image is a stock photo for the product group. The actual product appearance may be different.

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