Doran Handrail Scale with Height Rod

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Doran Handrail Scale with Height Rod

This is the Doran Handrail Scale model DS7100 with a height rod.

Accuracy, patient safety, and portability have all been engineered into the Model DS7100 Handrail Scale. Moving the scale from room to room takes very little effort, as the scale only weighs 30 pounds. Simply tilt the scale back on the two built-in, non-marking wheels and roll the scale to its new destination. The non-skid surface on the large low-profile base and the ergonomically designed handrails have been designed with the safety of unsteady patients in mind.

For busy workflows weighing a stream of patients, Doran’s Touchless Start feature acquires a patient’s weight in as little as two seconds without any buttons to press. Simply have the patient step onto the DS7100 platform and an accurate weight up to 1,000 pounds will be held on the display. Our exclusive Weight Lock feature allows an accurate weight to be held regardless of a patient’s motion.

The Reweigh feature allows a second weight to be acquired while the patient remains on the platform. Last Weight allows the previous weight and BMI value to be recalled after the patient has left the platform for later recording. To calculate BMI, enter the height using the scroll buttons, press the BMI button and the patient’s Body Mass Index is instantly displayed.

Optional USB and RS-232 communications options allow the recording of a patient’s weight and BMI value be sent to an optional printer or EMR system.


  • Maximum Capacities: 1,000 lbs.
  • Resolution Range: 0.1 lb
  • Scale Dimensions: 25" W x 29" D x 46" H
  • Platform Size: 22.5" W x 20.5" D x 2" H
  • Indicators: Center of Zero, Low Battery, lb, kg, Motion
  • Controls: BMI, Last Weight, Reweigh, Zero, LB, KG
  • Units: lbs., kgs
  • Output: Bi-directional RS-232
  • Construction: Aluminum and painted steel with plastic trim
  • Warranty: Three Years
  • Manufacturer: Doran Scales
  • Manufacturer's Product ID: DS7100-HR

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