Electric Walker-Eva Support Walker

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Electric Walker-Eva Support Walker

Sometimes referred to as a "Cardiac Walker." The Eva® Walker supports the patient’s weight when exercising. Good for Post-op patients when early walking exercise is indicated. Easily adjustable to suit different patient heights. The padded, molded arm pads have a sculpted forearm cutout to keep the arms from sliding off the pads. The arm pads can be removed and are easily cleaned; making it ideal for institutions with a variety of users. Handgrips are a more comfortable round shape and are forward facing, providing a better and more ergonomic grip. Welded steel frame with baked epoxy enamel finish. Non-marring casters with step on wheel locks on the rear casters. Length of adjustable padded armrest is 17-1/2", and 6-1/2" wide. Width between the armrests can be adjusted from 12"- 19" wide. Step-on locking brakes on two casters.

EVA ELECTRIC adjusts from 36-1/2" - 50", is battery operated and will assist the user to a standing position. It has a lifting capacity of (100 kg) 220 lbs. The Pendant Control works independently of the handgrips and is included. Also includes 2 - 12v 2.9 rechargeable batteries for 24V 2.7 Ah hookup. Will operate at 6 minutes per hour continuous use. Min. 50 times up/down between charges. Recommended charging rate is once per week at 12 hours. Batteries and a 100-240v Charger which is CUS, CSA and TO,8A compliant, are included.

Important Note: The Home style is for narrow hallways and doors found in the average home.

Important Note: The Hospital style provides a wider entrance for wheelchair use needed by most medical institutions.

  • The Eva Electric Walker provides powered support to patients while exercising
  • Good walker for post-surgery patients directed to walk
  • Available in a narrower Home version and wider Hospital version
  • Available with directional casters
  • Available with Hand Brakes
  • Padded armrests are width adjustable
  • The Electric Walker will go up/down a minimum 50 times between charges
  • Batteries and 100-240v charger are included
  • Maximum weight capacity 333 lbs.
  • Manufacturer: Kinsman Enterprises

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