Bovie Aaron 1250-G OB/GYN Total System Solution

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Bovie Aaron 1250-G OB/GYN Total System Solution

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The Al250U-G combines the Aaron 1250 package with a smoke evacuation system and the latest mobile stand technology to produce a compact, mobile system for the office or hospital. As an added benefit, the package also includes a loop electrode kit (5 of our most popular loops), 5 extended ball electrodes, and a smoke evacuator hose reducer fitting for attaching to a vaginal speculum to create THE BEST GYN SYSTEM ON THE MARKET TODAY.

  • The Aaron 1250-G is packaged with the essential accessories needed to perform an OB/GYN LEEP procedure
  • The full system is situated on a convenient mobile stand for easy portability and storage
  • Breakthrough safety and technology without breaking the bank
  • A variety of LLETZ loop electrodes are available for perfect surgical selection
  • The Aaron 1250-G is backed by Bovie’s two (2) year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Standard Equipment

A1250 electrosurgical generator

  • Three extra disposable electrodes
  • One disposable pencil
  • A1252C reusable grounding cord
  • ESRE-1 five split grounding pads

SEGYN Smoke Shark system

  • SE02 Smoke Shark II™ with pneumatic footswitch (FSSEP)
  • SF35 35-hour filter
  • 786T 7/8" tube 6' long
  • SERF reducer fitting (attaches to vaginal speculum)

ESMS-C electrosurgical mobile stand

  • ESMS mobile stand, with instrument drawer
  • ESMS-B bottom tray

ESLK electrosurgical loop kit

  • ES09 10 mm x 10 mm loop
  • ES11 15 mm x 10 mm loop
  • ES12 20 mm x 8 mm loop
  • ES13 20 mm x 15 mm loop
  • ES16 10 mm x 8 mm square
  • ES07 Extended Ball Electrodes

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