Kangaroo 924 Feeding Pump Sets Safety Screw Spike System 775759

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100000 Pc Available
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Kangaroo 924 Enteral Feeding Pump Sets with Safety Screw Spike 775759

  • Feeding pump set for the Kangaroo 924
  • For use with the Safety Screw Spike System
  • Specifically designed and made for the Kangaroo 924 and will not work with other models
  • Not made with DEHP
  • A new PVC material eliminates the use of the compound/chemical DEHP, this protects the patients from any adverse side effects associated with DEHP
  • 30 Feeding pump sets per case
  • Sold by the case
  • Manufacturer: Covidien/Medtronic
  • Manufacturer's Product ID: 775759

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